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The Secret Vitamins to a better booty

by All About the Booty |

We read in a top fitness magazine recently that said:

“you would have to eat 8 oranges from the average supermarket today, to get the same amount of vitamin C in 1 orange from the average supermarket 20 years ago.”


Do you know anyone that eats 8 oranges a day in today’s world?


Nah, we don’t either!


When the body has optimum levels of vitamins and minerals it’s like a fit, fat-burning, mucle building machine!

It burns fat efficiently, builds muscle and uses up carbohydrates for energy instead of storing the excess as fat and fatty deposits that can contribute to cellulite too.


It is said that a mineral or vitamin deficiency could to lead to overeating to compensate for the lack of nutrients within the body, which can lead to a slower metabolism, an imbalance in the thyroid, and an imbalance in appetite, with erratic cravings.

Logically therefore, when the vitamins and minerals are at optimum levels, the body functions and processes are working optimally. So all the high protein foods and shakes, gym workouts and exercises and diet plans can really start to work and help with the glute size or alter the shape of the booty!


So, which are these vitamins that can they unlock “power from within” to help boost the metabolism and balance appetite by nourishing the body so it can work at optimum level, supplying the body with fat burning, muscle building and weight management control properties?

Instead of having to spend hours and hours at the gym on end to see results, which even then sometimes cant be achieved – could it be because of a vitamin and mineral deficiency? Because lets face it, it can be super de-motivating, hard on the joints and tiring on the muscles to spend hours at the gym and only see minimal results.


We studied these 5 vitamins to see what other articles were saying and what impact they have on weight, muscle and metabolism…..



Vitamin D

“When there are adequate levels of Vitamin D, the body releases more leptin, which is the receptor responsible for saying “stop eating! We are full!”

On the flip side, less vitamin D means: “Come on! Lets get a greasy take out to satisfy us!” Why not just step outside and see the sun?

Well, dependent on where you live, it may not be possible, or even if it is – there are all the effects associated with sun over exposure. Being safe in the sun is key.

So are supplements the answer?

Well, maybe, within moderation. A healthy and balanced diet is always recommended, although in some cases a supplementation of vitamins and minerals may help to meet the recommended daily allowance, which may not be possible to be obtained with food…unless eating 8 times the amount?



“It is said that this mineral can help to balance the thyroid. The Thyroid is a butterfly shaped organ near the neck and it controls a lot of bodily functions such as, hormonal processes, body temperature and weight. An under active, or hyper active thyroid is a thyroid out of balance so it can shift the body temperature and weight out of balance too.”

Are supplements the answer?

Eating plenty of fish and seaweed 4 times a week is recommended, otherwise supplementing with vitamins may also be a wise choice to support the thyroid as well as supporting it whilst managing weight, building muscle and building a booty!


Vitamin B12

Vegan, vegetarian or diets high in refined sugars are said to need more vitamin b12. Vitamin b12 helps to transport oxygen to the blood and in times of weight training or exercise, the body relies on its respiratory system to transport the oxygen to the muscle to burn excess fat and build healthy muscle. A deficiency in Vitamin b12 may therefore mean that the body is hanging on to its fat results and produce fewer results when exercising to build muscle and build a booty.

Are supplements the answer?

That depends on if enough Vitamin b12 is being consumed from the diet. A well-balanced diet containing foods with vitamin b12 is always healthy start. Supplementing with vitamins also ensures the recommended daily amount is being met and all your well-deserved efforts on your glute exercises are showing results!



In recent studies it said that up to 0.5 – 1 billion could be deficient in this mineral, which also helps the thyroid. See a pattern here? Knowing that the thyroid helps weight management and we know the booty benefits when the body is burning off fat efficiently and keeping on muscle, it makes sense to add this powerful mineral in to our daily diet.

Are supplements the answer?

Brazil nuts contain high amounts of selenium. Although if your efforts haven’t been paying off at the gym recently it could be a good start to supplement to balance our any deficiencies and kickstart your booty goals.


B-Complex Vitamins

B-complex vitamins are known to support the tissue of your nervous system and energy production, as well as muscular growth and function. Protein adequate intake may be optimum from protein shakes and food, but the B-Vitamin levels must be healthy and optimum too, so the results from fitness and workout programs can really be seen.

Are supplements the answer?

A healthy wholesome diet rich in organic food supplies healthy amounts of the B-complex vitamins. Organic food usually contains a higher level of vitamins and minerals due to the rch soil it was grown on. But don’t worry! Where organic food cannot be sought, a supplement may help to support and maintain adequate levels.




Our answer was born when we created the Booty Beauty Vitamin Gummies by All About the Booty. Which were designed specifically for the booty…glutes.. butt..bum (however you call “it.”)  “It” should be something we are proud of, giving “it” all the support “it” needs from the inside.


The Booty Gummies, which are chewable gummy vitamins, contain a specialist blend of essential vitamins and minerals, which are aimed to support most exercise and fitness programs, diets and weight management plans and beauty regimes to see quicker and better results.


They are 100% vegan friendly with a natural cherry flavor, easy to chew and easy to digest. 99% of our users prefer the taste of these vitamins to traditional large capsules.


By nourishing the body from within (and the booty for all those booty gains!) helping to:

  1. speed up a sluggish metabolism,
  2. balance the appetite (keeping those cravings at bay)
  3. Which means a muscle building, fat burning machine to achieve those lower body and booty goals!


Are the Booty Vitamin Gummies the answer to building a better booty?


The Booty Vitamin Gummies are a great combo alongside most fitness and workout programs, diet, meal and weight management plans and in general healthy beauty regimes.

To summarize, consuming a wholesome healthy diet with enough protein to lose weight is important combined with healthy levels of exercising, YES.

But it’s also equally important to ensure optimum vitamins and mineral are in the body, so the protein intake and exercise can really start to pay off, that’s where we recommend the Booty Gummy Vitamins.