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AATB Gummy Vitamins | 100% natural,100% safe and 100% Vegan-friendly.

by All About the Booty |



AATB is a 2 part natural enhancement system, guaranteed to show results and, best of all its 100% natural,100% safe and 100% Vegan-friendly.


We have developed a 2-part treatment system which is done in the comfort of your own home. It contains a food supplement to help hormones internally, used in combination with a choice of our two cosmetic creams to help the skin and shape externally.



The food Gummy supplement helps to nourish the Thyroid, which has a positive effect on the hormones in the body, helping with stubborn fat, weight and skin tone.


 The Gummies contains a balanced blend of over 14 essential vitamins and minerals, which are naturally found in certain nutritional foods groups. However, due to the mass marketing and the state of the food industry by the time most of these food groups get to market, they are pumped full of chemicals and lose a huge % of the nutritional values, we would expect to find.

 AATB’s cherry flavoured gummy food supplement aims to provide the body with the fuel it needs to balance and regulate hormones, whilst helping to enhance, repair and recover, providing you with the strongest possible results. Flavored with a natural cherry tang, these yummy gummies are fun to take and taste 100% better than gritty protein powders or bulky capsules. We can guarantee you will look forward to taking these gummies every day!

Discover how AATB began and the woman who inspired it all here! 


REVIEW 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

‘I have to remember that it’s just 2 a day. I love the taste, they are so moreish it makes me want to eat them like sweets, I could happily eat a tub a day’ Samantha Gatman 


2 gummies a day is all you need. These can be chewed before food, as a morning routine or before a workout. 
Many of our customers haven't just seen an improvement in their butt, they have seen an improvement in their skin complexion, hair, mood, and energy levels.


See real customer reviews 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


So, I will rock whatever cellulite I have, and wear it like my stretch marks and grey hair... an honor to be a mother! •
And after a week of using @aatbootyproducts, let me tell you, I’m even more summer ready and feel amazing in these short shorts! It’s working! I can see a difference, both in myself physically and mentally and I’m feeling blessed. Thank you @aatbooty for creating such a great product that is truly working. @blossomlikeaboss

Next, we move on to the second part of the system which is a choice out of two enhancement creams we have - the BootyFul and the BootyLift.


To help improve the outer shape and the appearance of the skin, we created two creams to enhance the butt. Every woman knows the battle with cellulite and skin tone, and many also experience other symptoms such as loss of volume and shape and, aging or sagging areas that need lifting.
The BootyFul and BootyLift have been modeled on the 2 most popular non-surgical treatments to help plump and tighten sagging skin, you know it as Fillers and Botox! We replicated the plumping and tightening effects of these effective treatments, although instead of using toxic ingredients to enhance, we have managed to replicate the same Botox and lip-injected filler results using 100% natural ingredients. Not only do both the creams work and guarantee visible results, but they are also 100% Vegan, require no surgery, no needles and most importantly no pain! The BootyLift cream has the Botox-like results using our plant-based active ingredient we call SEPILIFT, which gives that lifted, tightened and pushed up effect. The BootyFul cream has the Filler-like results using our plant-based active ingredient we call VOLUFORM, which plumps any flat areas, creating curves, shape, and volume.




We also pumped up the enhancement effects by adding super healthy and moisturising plant oils and extracts to the creams including; Coconut oil (which has also been labeled as a miracle beauty oil) Apricot Kernel oil (which is super rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E) Olive oil (which has been used since the ancient Egyptian times to help deeply moisturise) Bladderwack seaweed (loaded with minerals from the sea), Castor oil (which helps speed up circulation and the lymphatic system) Papaya extracts which are loaded with enzymes that act as a mild exfoliant, giving skin that soft, smooth and luminous glow. The creams are super creamy leaving a slight tightening film on the skin, which helps to create that airbrushed look, smoothing away cellulite. The scent is a clean and fresh rose and amber scent.


Because our two creams are made with 100% plant based, safe and natural ingredients, during our clinical studies they have also been used on the face, tummy, and breasts, to either firm, lift and tighten, or to plump and create volume. They have given some fantastic face lifting, lip filler, tummy tucks, breast lifting, and breast enlargement results. (As an example, the BootyFul system enlarged the breasts by 1 cup size in less than 1 month!!)


Depending which out of the two creams you chose for your treatment, it is applied twice daily in circular upwards motions on targeted areas, alongside taking the 2 gummies per day to speed up the process internally.


As a summary, the BootyFul home kit treatment contains a 30 day supply of gummies and a 30 day supply of BootyFul cream - the treatment is ideal for those that want to create filler like effects, curves, shape, and volume. The BootyLift home kit treatment contains a 30 day supply of gummies and a 30 day supply of BootyLift cream - the treatment is ideal for those that want to create Botox-Like effects, tightening and lifting the area.


Both treatments home kits have been clinically proven to show results within a 90 day (3 months) period. (The same time frame as a Personal Trainer or strict diet.)
We advise an initial 90-day course on your one chosen treatment, and then a 30-day treatment repeated every 2nd - 3rd month to maintain the look you’ve built. (Or, if you would like to switch between the treatments, we advise completing a 90-day course with one treatment, before switching to the other treatment for another 90 days.)
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